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A little History
The company is involved in the planning, logistics and management of large parties and corporate events. It will continue to thrive and rapidly build a reputation within the industry for being innovative, professional and entirely flexible. Reacting immediately to individual client requirements has and will result in enviable reputation and success. Over the years the team has catered and managed many events, from corporate functions to VIP parties, product launches to conferences, house warming parties to charity events, weddings to birthdays.

Why choose Paisley Gold?
Because we actually care and we are prepared to go that extra mile to ensure the success of your event thats why we don't simply manage things we orchestrate every single component of your special day, so that what you see and get, far exceeds anything you could have possibly imagined! We have years of experience in special event management and offer a unique service, which begins with sourcing the right venue, organising and managing all aspects of your event or party. We have an excellent reputation and always provide a professional level of service. We strive to fulfil our clients expectations and objectives in a creative and cost effective way; and create concepts to achieve your dreams and work within your budget.

Our approach is very "hands-on"; we will manage all services required to make your event a success. If you are sourcing any extra services, we will liaise with you and your sub-contractors to ensure nothing is overlooked. We are happy to manage all or only some aspects of your event, allowing you to retain control whilst benefiting from our planning and operational experience.

Quite simply, well provide professional, seamless event management, with a special mix of cuisine and dcor that will leave you and your guests incredibly satisfied!

Our Promise to you...
Our search for excellence is endless. We always remember that while we are better today than yesterday, we are not as good as we must become...

We at Paisley Gold are committed to give our clients more value than they expect; measured by service, quality, results, and price. We are committed to the highest level of ethical conduct in everything we do. We are also committed to help our employees improve their skills, treat them fairly, recognize their accomplishments and inspire them to approach their jobs with passion and commitment. To accept change as the rule, not the exception and drive it by encouraging people to redefine the barriers of creativity and service. To encourage high expectations, set ambitious goals and meet our commitments and to serve fairly and in proper balance the interests of everyone associated with this company - clients, employees, suppliers, principals, and our community.

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